About Us

Not everyone dares to chase challenges and go on special missions to make a difference to the world. If you’re one, then you are one of those special few who dare to be different.

At Optik Planet we honor that. We are here to play our part in making your endeavor a true success. We understand that your needs are as special as you are, which is why you need a sophisticated product, one that suits your unique requirements. Keeping an eye on the latest advancements in technology, we bring to you a wide selection of the most modern, finest quality products from the best brands round the world.

We deal in brands as renowned as Celestron, Gerber, Nitecore, Olight, Pulsar and products as many as Outdoor Gear, Glasses, Telescopes, Multi Tools, Flash Lights, Backpacks and Watches. All this is to make sure that when you step out of your doors, you have the latest technology in your hands , enabling you to make your way through the most unfavorable conditions. If you are out on a special mission, we have the special tactical gear, optic devices and many tools and accessories that would, for sure, remain loyal to you in the most difficult of times. And if you are an explorer or out on an expedition just for the sake pleasure, we have the right kind of binoculars, telescopes, gear, flashlights and more to save the day and make your trip a memorable one.

For those who take pride in hunting , we have special hunting gear, riflescopes, and a lot of multipurpose tools that you can count on. For the energetic and dynamic people in sports we have a wide selection of sunglasses, watches, gear and many other products to choose from. We not only sell, we are the product specialists. So if you get overwhelmed by the diversity and the host of high-tech features of our products, don’t worry, we are here to help.

Our customer service team is trained to explain all your technical queries and help you make informed choices regarding our products. It doesn’t end here. We want to make sure you have an excellent ultimate experience with our products. We encourage our customers to study our detailed guides that explain how to use our products efficiently to obtain the optimal benefit so the next time you encounter that instant of a life-time, you don’t lose it while you were figure out how your device works.