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ATN- Nothing remains hidden in the dark! ATN presents the largest selection of precision Night Vision optics and Thermal Imaging products.

ATN Thermal Imaging captures the subtle temperature differences that are emitted off all objects in form of infra-red light & use them to form an image of the object. Night Vision amplifies the slightest ambient light that falls and gets reflected from the objects in the dark and forms a green-black-hued picture, while White Phosphorus Technology (WPT) converts the same into black and white.

Like everything else in the world today, ATN’s products have also gone digital. ATN’s “Ultra Bright” line of Digital Night Vision products employ “Full Color” High-Resolution OLED and FLCOS displays, CCD and CMOS sensors with manual brightness/ gain adjustment to produce the brightest and sharpest images even in the darkest of times.

American Technologies Network truly stands for Built and Developed in America. Thor Series ATN Thermal Weapon Scopes are the best in the market today. The tough-built ODIN multi-use ATN Thermal Monoculars with mill spec components are military & law enforcement professionals’ ultimate choice, while the New OTS-X Series offers optimal value for money for those who love to just explore the wonders that wake up at night.

Continued innovation and development in technology has made the latest ATN Night Vision devices increasingly light-weight and high-performing, and, at the same time, incredibly economical.

Optik Planet not only offers the widest selection of ATN night-vision & thermal-imaging products, but also guides our valued customers through the selection and use of these products.


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