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Gerber is Unstoppable- just like the people who own and use it. 70 years of continued innovation has made this American brand the master of knives and tools that are demanded round the globe.

The reason is that each line of Gerber’s problem-solving, life-saving products is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of a specific group of users, be it hunters, soldiers, outdoor sportsmen or tradesmen.

Continuously improved on feedback from US Armed forces personnel, Gerber Military line combines ingenious designs, the toughest materials, and the sharpest blades, while Gerber Tactical line has been designed to make the job of police, firefighters, and EMTs easier and more effective.

And if you’re on a hunt, Gerber’s Hunting Gear comes with long-lasting blades, tactile handles and all-weather sheaths to make sure they remain evenly balanced and tough. But if you’re just a scout or a seasoned explorer gone deep in the wild, Gerber’s Survival Blades help you combat the worst nature can throw at you. Also available is Gerber Outdoor Gear to help you save the day when you’re out hiking, camping or anything outdoor.

For the industrious ones, Gerber’s Industrial Line is constructed with advanced materials, both lightweight and indestructible and every tool is designed for all-day efficiency and durability.

Gerber always delivers quality, reliability, innovation which is what brings it to Optik Planet’s collection. Scroll through the latest Gerber products available at Optik Planet along with the guides on their proper use.


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