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Granite Gear

Granite Gear- Tougher than granite, as they call it, is the preferred choice of athletes and avid hikers. The reason is the unique blend of functionality with light weight, comfort and durability.

Many of Granite Gear Backpacks are made with a molded, 3-dimensional frame plate to support the actual ruck of the backpack. The result is an ultra-light, ultra-durable and super-comfortable product that withstands the extreme wear and tear of extreme sports. Granite Gear’s award-winning backpacks and accessories have proven their mettle in the earth’s harshest environments, from Mount Everest to the North and South Poles, and to thousands of miles of everyday wear.

Granite has an ever expanding line of products ranging from stuff sacks, to ultra-light packs, to ultra-durable packs that meet the demands of soldiers, rescue workers, and those embarked upon an expedition or challenging mission. Not only this, Granite has the right gear for those who love adventure, travelling, canoeing and trekking.

Optik Planet is the proud distributor of Granite gear. Have a look at our Range of Granite Gear and choose all you need. Our expert customer care is there for product information and to answer any technical queries.

For the toughest missions in toughest conditions, choose Granite’s tough gear, that’s tougher than granite!


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