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Hazard 4

Hazard 4 California- “Progressive Modular” Gear for military, law enforcement, rescue, pro photography, hardcore travel, expedition, dive, aviation and field work.

For those facing life at its extreme every day, threat may be met with at any time, from anywhere, in any form and at any degree, be it environment, the weather, the industrial conditions, or a sudden unseen attack. But even when the deadly 4th level danger is right at the front, being fully equipped for it can make all the difference. And Hazard 4’s Progressively Modular gear is designed exactly with that in mind.

Hazard 4 tactical gears are made to lie at the forefront of innovation and technology in terms of functionality, materials selection, manufacturing techniques, through testing, quality-control and packaging.

The functionality of Hazard 4 Backpacks, pouches, apparel and outdoor equipment can be counted on. It can actually come in handy as the last line of defense for the owner.

Optik Planet is the proud distributor of Hazard 4 California’s line of products in UAE. Have a look at the entire product list available with us. Feel free to contact our customer care for more details and information.


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