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What are you KEEN on??? Follow Your Feet.

Not just by putting one foot in front of the other, but by trusting your gut. That’s why we explore. That’s why we improve. And that’s why KEEN creates products so you can play any place without a ceiling.

So whether you’re conquering the harsh, steep, rocky ups and downs, thrusting through the flowing river or overcoming the friction of the sand, or meeting the challenging demands of your occupation, Keen understands what it takes to be on foot, as well as the needs for those Keen feet. That’s why Keen Footwear has lined up Outdoor, Waterfront, Industrial, Service, Casual, Pedal, Boots, Sandals, Work Shoes, Work Boots with Steel Toe, Aluminum Toe, Soft Toe, Composite Toe, Waterproof, Insulated, Sneakers, Vegan, Snow Boots, Hook & Loop, Bungee Styles and Slippers.

With all these and a choice to make custom-made shoes of your own choice, Keen is dedicated to making products for your adventures, so nothing stands between you and your influence on the world. At Optik Planet we offer a diverse range of Keen Footwear to suit your style and needs. So get out there and enjoy!


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