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Konus Optical & Sport Systems- For past 30 years, the Italian brand Konus has been manufacturing telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes, compasses and magnifying glasses of good quality and functionality. Their products are designed especially for the people in sports, scientists, outdoor hobbyists, hunters, military and law enforcers.

The lens in all of the products is made of premium glass of absolute clarity. It is then covered with optical coatings to facilitate high levels of light transmission and reinforced to ensure the finished product is water-proof, shock-resistant and fog-proof. All of this is what makes Konus products equally good at dawn and dusk.

With continued innovation, latest military and tactical advancements are being incorporated into the products and a large number of innovative products with advanced features have been added to the line. This ensures that the customers find exactly the product that they have been looking for.

Moreover, the affordability and ease of use make Konus the preferred choice of avid hunters who need a reasonably-priced riflescope with many features. Not only this, Konus offers quality sport glasses, sport watches and stopwatches for those who love sports. And for the scientists, there are microscopes, magnifying glasses, telescopes and weather tools. Also available are spotting scopes, compasses, torches, binoculars and batteries for the outdoor-lovers.

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