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Momentum Quality Watches- A little out of the ordinary

If you’re a serious diver, Momentum is the watch to wear when you hit the depths of water. It is the top-selling watch brand among Scuba Divers and for life in the Outdoors, besides having a clientele of the most prestigious sports chains, catalog companies and automobile manufacturers in the world. St. Moritz Watch Corp.’s high quality Momentum sports watches are all about great functional design; rugged reliability and real value for money.

While most of the “engines” (movements) in Momentum watches come either from Japan or Switzerland, it is not unusual to find one of these watches using a Japanese movement, Swiss luminous technology, a dial from India and a deluxe band from Italy. This ensures a maximum “bang for the buck” for the ultimate wearer.

Momentum is a Dive watch expert that offers highly water-resistant underwater series of watches with sturdy, durable titanium cases and scratch-resistant sapphire crystals, featuring night vision and luminosity together with huge, legible dials and markers and striking hands, sporty bevels and robust straps. Besides, there is also a line of rough and tough sports watches for the outdoor enthusiasts.

All this is not to restrict Momentum to being muscular and mechanical; it also has a casual & delicate feminine side to it. Under Momentum, are series of women’s watches that sport vivacious colors, delicacy and small fit.

Not only this, there are also highly specialized Altimeters, Heartware, Pedometers and Stopwatches. For the latest in Momentum watches, check out Optik Planet.


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