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Nitecore entered the flashlight-making business with its SYSMAX Proprietary LED Technology that incorporates a highly efficient, ultra-reliable proprietary LED drive circuit to transfer battery power to the LED. This gives all SYSMAX products exceptional output and longer runtimes as well as ability to maintain a constantly high output until battery exhaustion, which is in contrast with the other products.

In addition every SYSMAX flashlight is made of light-weight, high-strength, and aero-grade aluminum alloy which is further reinforced for ruggedness, performance and impact resistance so that many lights are able to withstand the toughest of impact-resistance tests.

On top of all this, SYSMAX models are treated with a military-spec type III hard anodized finish, making the flashlight surface as tough as diamond, thus protecting it from scratches, abrasions and corrosion.

Today, Nitecore is a proud member of PLATO with a fairly diverse range of illumination products that, owing to their user-specific features, are best suited for sports, hunting, tactical as well as for general lighting purposes.

So whether you are thinking of going hiking, camping, night cycling or you are out for a hunt or a demanding military mission, check out Nitecore’s range of flashlights and accessories at Optik Planet. For sure there must be one that you were looking for.


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