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Pulsar- Image. Quality. When you have to be super-alert, you can’t let the darkness impede your vision then you need Pulsar’s Professional Night Vision. Pulsar Devices are designed for the professional. Built on a mil-spec platform, Pulsar provides advanced night vision products for military, law enforcement & consumer applications such as hunting and nature observation. Pulsar strives to provide consumers with the latest innovations in technology with the highest quality. Pulsar is a world leader in design, development and manufacturing for: Thermal, Gen 2 Night Vision, Gen 3 and Digital Night Vision.

Pulsar Daylight Binoculars feature high quality lenses, superior craftsmanship and modern design that is simply unmatched. Pulsar Night Vision Binoculars are rugged yet compact, light weight and beautifully designed. Featuring CF-Super generation image intensifier tubes, these night vision binoculars provide bright and clear images with no distortion.

Pulsar Night Vision Monoculars feature stunning designs, CF-Super, Second Generation Plus or Digital Image Intensifier tubes combined with specially designed optics for brighter, clearer and more detailed images. Pulsar Night Vision Goggles are light weight, compact and are equipped with CF-Super or 2+ Generation image intensifier tubes for unmatched performance. Pulsar Night Vision Riflescopes are available in CF-Super, 2+ Generation or Digital technologies. Besides Pulsar also makes accessories for Pulsar devices including: Battery Packs, Day/Night Adapters, Head Gear, Infrared Illuminators, Lens Converters and Weather Guards.


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