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When you’re into the business of watching, with STEINER, the Binocular Specialists, nothing escapes you! STEINER is the only company in the world to have specialised solely in the development and production of binoculars. This specialisation and experience is packed into every pair of binoculars that leaves Steiner’s premises.

STEINER has been producing binoculars that have been developed for use in the marine, hunting, birding, animal and nature observation segment as well as for an active outdoor use.

STEINER’s Marine Binoculars, the best in the world are developed in close cooperation with sailors which is why they are unequalled in optical performance, technology, ruggedness and functionality.

STEINER Hunting Binoculars come with outstanding light transmission, unique optics and admirable ease of use to guarantee contrast-rich and strain-free observation in extreme hunting situations.

STEINER Bird and Nature Observation Binoculars boast of ease of use as well as optical performance to reveal every little detail clear and true to life in every situation.

Designed for tough conditions in nature and equipped with outstanding optics, STEINER Outdoor Binoculars are especially compact, light and flexible. Their outstanding optics guarantees brilliant, bright, clear pictures due to precise focusing and they’re ready to hand, and simple to use.

Watch through Steiner Binoculars to make sure nothing escapes your eyes, whether you’re out in the sea, hunting or just watching birds, hiking or simply strolling through the world of flora and fauna. Check out the range at Optik Planet.


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