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UST Brands- Saving the day since 1936 through the ultimate emergency preparedness survival gear equipment and tools that it manufactures for outdoor and sporting enthusiasts.

UST Brands offer a full range of products for survival situations, emergency preparedness and camping equipment through three brand lines: Ultimate Survival Technologies, UST Marine and Blue Sky Gear.

From back-country rescue to home power outages, UST Brands are continually innovating and adding new items to their best-selling UST line of patented one-handed all-weather fire starters, premium outdoor cutting tools, LED lights, first aid kits, signal whistles, targetable and unbreakable signal mirrors and survival tools.

UST Marine offers diverse line of personal safety and survival aids made for inshore and offshore use, that include personal locator lights, first aid kits, protective gear, survival kits and ditch bags. UST Marine offers the most innovative and useful survival products that your life can ultimately depend on. While UST Brands are expert at wilderness survival and emergency preparedness, they also cherish a quiet evening roasting marshmallows with the kids by the campfire. From colorful FlexWare dishes, to glow-in-the-dark tent pegs, the Blue Sky Gear brand offers affordable products to ensure your outdoor adventures are comfortable, safe, and fun!

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