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Whether you’re out on a military mission or on a recreational hunt and no matter which firearm you use, the actual shooting happens near your face and there is sure to be some degree of recoil as well. Add to this the wind, sun and dust and your eyes are set for a disaster, not to mention the loss of your focus.

Therefore, eye protection is essential for anyone using a firearm, whether at a shooting range or in a forest or field. Eyewear designed especially for shooters offers some additional features to make the experience of shooting comfortable for the shooter. The frames come with rounded corners and padding around the eyes to cushion against recoils and to block wind and dust and lenses are held by sweat bars for a stable, secure fit. The inherently ultraviolet-proof lens material such as Polycarbonate or Trivex offer optimum impact protection against blow-back and bounce-back. Top it with a scratch-resistant hard coat and choose a comfortable tint that goes with the lighting conditions in the desired hunting spot and you’ve got the best pair of shooting glasses for your mission.

So browse through Optik Planet’s list of Shooting Glasses and find one for you.


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