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You’re out on the hills, skiing or snowboarding and enjoying the altitudes, the sunshine and the beautiful sparkle of pristine, white snow. But any skier or snowboarder knows how not being able to see ruins the day, unless you are outfitted with top-quality eyewear to protect your eyes from wind, cold and glare. They are just as important as your snow jacket and pants.

But do you think buying a pair of skiing goggles is as easy as just walking into a random shop and purchasing the one that appeals to your eye? Not really. You need to consider the right frame size and fit, the lens type, lens color/tint, inter-changeability of lenses, compatibility with your helmet and much more.

Add to this a host of features that the latest snow-gear technology has brought forth into that one pair of snow sport goggles: anti-fog (with double lenses and even built-in fans to eliminate condensation!), face-fitting, anti-pinch padded frames with snap-on/ snap-off magnetic side-shields and photo-chromic lenses that change color like chameleons to the varying light conditions on the snow.

Optik Planet brings to you the season’s best Skiing and Snowboarding Goggles, so it’s time to say goodbye to clunky-feeling frames and easily-clouded lenses.


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