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When you’re aiming for your target, out in the open battle field, you’re unprotected; any moment, any gun-shot can come from any direction and hit your eye. Wearing the right kind of tactical goggles can save the eye. The latest technology in tactical eyewear incorporates the toughest of materials and the roughest of testing to produce an eyewear that meets the military specifications in offering the required ballistic protection.

At Optik Planet, we bring to you the ultimate tactical goggles from Wiley X and Oakley. It is only after clearing the extraordinarily rigorous tests against high impact and high velocity objects that these goggles leave the factory.

Besides, these tactical goggles are made to perfectly and very comfortably fit on the wearer’s eye and protect the entire eye area. Not only this, they offer best glare protection so your focus never fades and all round visibility so you can have a panoramic view and stay alert with regard to your surroundings. So check out the latest in Tactical Goggles at Optik Planet.


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