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When you’re out hunting, you might encounter harsh terrain and weather, cold or hot, windy or snowy. You would need to conceal and protect yourself. You would need to carry your ammunitions and all equipment, as well as be prepared to carry the hunt.

On top of all this, you would need to stay focused on your target instead of the stifling heat and humidity or freezing cold and snowy breeze or figuring out where you’ve kept more shells. That’s what calls for a high-performing, highly functional Hunting Vest.

Hunting Vests come in several materials and camouflage patterns, all designed to protect you from weather and elements. So a fleece or synthetic fiber Hunting Vest would keep you warm and comfortable in chilly climate and a breathable, airy one suits the heat, while big-game vests are perfect for layering during all your hunting seasons. And patterns range from full camo, to camo-blaze, to full blaze.

Special features like spare ammo compartments, gear loops, multiple pockets and shooting patches, padded shoulder overlays, allow your hunting vest to provide additional protection and keep important items close at hand.

So have a look at Optik Planet’s selection of season’s most versatile Hunting Vests.


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