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Are you going on a hike or scouting? Deployed on a military vigilance? A Digital Binocular is maybe what you need. As the name suggest, a digital binocular isn’t just the some old pair of binoculars. It offers a world of outstanding ‘Digital’ features. Primarily, digital binoculars are camera binoculars that offer a crystal clear HD, 3D recording of everything you see through the lenses. The inclusion of Micro SD, USB, and HDMI ports allow for recording as well as live video output.

Some advanced models offer image stabilization- their obsidian core uses the built in gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass to adjust the image displayed to you, and stabilize it. This obsidian core also allows for features like geo tagging and GPS, letting you document your hike, as well as Wi-Fi for wireless streaming to a TV.

In addition, some allow you to see at night through their Night Vision technology. While with others, you can even zoom out and zoom in to a high level. Long-hour video recording, extended battery timings, and autofocus are just a few more features they offer.

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