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When you’re on a military mission, you need to keep a very frequent watch over long distances, especially in the darkness of the night and in the most hazy visibility conditions. Even if you’re just a hunter, your game cam pop up any time and you never want to miss, especially when it’s right on target and in perfect range and alignment.

That’s where a small and smart Night Vision Monocular comes handy because you can’t carry a big, heavy pair of binoculars with you, every time and everywhere you go, which becomes altogether useless at night.

So slip a Night Vision Monocular into your pocket or bag and carry it with you. Take it with you as your trip partner, and view over distance even in complete darkness. Turn it upside down and it’s a magnifier. And for hunters, some models are smart enough to be mounted on a rifle as a Night Vision riflescope or a rangefinder.

Optik Planet brings to you a wide range of Night Vision Monoculars from the world’s best brands, check them out.


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