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How many times have you given your best pose to the camera, only to find that in the photograph your head or feet were cropped? It’s not the fault of your photography skills. It happened because the lens in your conventional camera saw and captured a slightly different view than what you saw through its adjoining but separate viewfinder.

How about being able to view through the same lens instead; that could correct this problem. The highly versatile DSLR cameras allow you to do exactly that through a detachable DSLR lens. The viewfinder sees through the same lens through which the photo is taken (with the aid of a movable mirror). So before you click the picture, you can see precisely what is going to be captured in it. This allows you to adjust and confirm the ultimate position, focus and depth of field that you would like to see in your photograph and it turns out exactly the same. This is of particular importance in macro photography and when photographing using long focus lenses.

Optik Planet brings to you a vast range of DSLR lenses and accessories, so you can opt according to the particular photography style you’re into.


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