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So you’ve packed all you would need for your hunting, sport, hobby or tactical, or scientific trip in your backpack? You’ve also put on your adventure gear, and eyewear and now you’re ready to step out?

Not really! Have you packed the flashlight, memory cards, tripods, batteries, cases and other accessories for all your devices so they remain optimally functional and safe through the roughness of the outdoors? Have you taken an altimeter, GPS or weather instrument to understand your surroundings? Are you wearing a resilient watch, a UV-proof, glare-proof, impact-proof eyewear and sturdy foot wear that can stand the rough outdoors?

When it comes to planning a serious adventure, even little details matter a lot. That’s why Optik Planet has carefully lined up for your convenience and ease of mind, all those nitty-gritty essentials that you might need during your trip, from the best of the world’s brands. Weather instruments and outdoor watches from Momentum, Dakota, Reactor, Tripods & Telescope accessories from Celestron, Binoculars from Steiner, Hazard 4 Laptop cases, Flash Lights and batteries from Olight, PowerFlare & Nitecore, Footwear from Keen and many other products and brands are not to be missed out. So check out Optik Planet’s list of other products to fulfill all your needs and make your trip a big hit.


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