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When you’re into the business of professional photography or movie making, then you know that photo and video lighting is as big an art as taking the shot itself.

Especially for film, lighting serves two purposes; to be able to see the subject AND to 'paint it in the best possible light'. Yes, you can actually ‘paint’ with light by just playing around with the brightness and intensities of the three-point lights- the key light, fill light and back light to create a perfect contrast and a much, much better footage.

Now you can think about 'practicals' - prop lights that also light up the scene - and background lighting which not only helps you to see what’s in the background but also adds colour, depth and shape to your shot. And there’s much, much more.

That is why Optik Planet offers a range of high-performing Photo and Video Lights. So if you are a professional photographer, who is in the business to make the best looking pictures that are artistically designed to best tell the 'story' whether that be fiction, documentary or corporate, and to create an effect that is appreciated without being noticed, you will find the right kind of high quality Photo and Video Lights at Optik Planet.


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