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Ever wondered what the rings of Saturn actually look like, or how marvelously a shooting star travels across the cosmos. Have you ever taken a closer look at the moons of Jupiter or traced the path of Venus through the night sky? If that beautiful starry night sky fascinates you so much that you’ve bought a telescope to behold it, then Optic Planet brings to you all the accessories that your telescope needs to perform even better.

From customizable, expandable carrying cases to safely carry your telescope and any optical tube, to Serial-to-USB cable converters and AUX port splitter cables that allow you to easily add a second auxiliary port to your telescope mount.

Also there are navigation accessories for aligning the telescope to a desired spot in the sky, mount accessories such as counterweights and drive motors that track the stars as they move across the sky. Also available are lens shades to reduce the amount of dew build-up and to improve contrast. Dovetails, sky maps & star charts to learn the night skies are just a few more of many.

So check out Optik Planet’s for these and much more Telescope Accessories and add even more functionality to your telescope.


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