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You spot the epic picturesque moment of your life, you focus your camera and click, your hand shakes, the result blurs and the moment is lost forever, or you’ve recorded it but the result is too wobbly to be beautiful. Or you spot your target, you aim for it and bang! Your hand shakes and the alerted target disappears. How frustrating this can be!

In situations where a high-impact vigorous action is to occur and at the same time, an accurate steady focus must be maintained throughout, you need a firm, steady plane and a rock solid support for your camera or weapon to rest stably on and at the same time allow it to move freely up and down and from side to side.

The latest designs in tripods are highly versatile, flexible, and strong; they come with foldable, fixed or adjustable lengths. Some have independently moving legs that allow the weapons to be locked into specific positions from front to back, making it easy to align your cross hairs on the target, regardless of the terrain. Others allow the weapon to tilt left and right and even rotate side-to-side.

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