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Navigation, knowing precisely where you are and where to head to, is a crucial element of survival in the wilderness. Being able to locate yourself on the map, and work out the direction of your path can be critical in find your destination or your way back home, otherwise you’re lost.

You may be able to guess this manually by tracing the path of the sun or the stars of the clear night sky, which are not always available. That is why Optik Planet offers a range of GPS and Compasses that allow you to establish your precise orientation to the cardinal directions.

GPS offers a detailed, accurate, fast and hassle-free calculation of the direction. However, if you plan to travel very far into the wilderness or where GPS signals might be weak and you might run out of batteries, then a compass and map may be a more reliable solution for tracking your path.

Modern compasses and GPS are highly versatile devices. Some even pair up additional gadgets such as thermometer, sighting mirror, slope indicator, magnifier, etc. for additional functionality to the intended user.

So check out Optik Planet’s range of Compasses & GPS and explore the multiple features they offer.


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