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When you’re in the outdoors and night falls, a flashlight can be a valuable companion. However, there are situations when you need your hands free to do something else that’s also important.

So if you are a rescue official, you would need your hands free to search and rescue someone struggling in the dark or struggle yourself if you are a mountaineer, riding a mountain bike, hiking, skiing, or camping. You may be a surgeon working on your patient’s tooth while you need to keep a constant watch on what’s going on in his mouth or you may be involved in some other jobs like underground mining or caving.

In such situations, instead of a flashlight, a Headlamp is needed. However, today Headlamps come with a varying degree of light intensities, light dispersal and distance over which the beam can reach.

Most offer a bright LED with adjustable brightness levels, some come with a tilting light head that allows for an adjustable beam angle and some even offer a completely hands free light activation via an infra-red sensor.

Optik Planet offers a range of quality Head Lamps so you can choose one according to your preferences and needs.


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