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So you’re a seasoned craftsman, and your skill is your pride. Or you’re a recreational hunter, who goes out for hunt quiet often. Or you’re just an outdoor enthusiast who loves exploring the wilderness. You do need a few tools to craft your profession or hobby or whatever it may be.

But we’re not talking about a big, bulky and heavy tool box filled with tones of equipments. We’re talking about a small and smart, compact and portable, yet extremely versatile and handy multi-tools device that combines several individual functions in a single unit.

Besides offering some general tools like a bottle-opener, can-opener, nail file, tweezers, etc. there are Multi-tools that are designed for specific outdoor activities like golf, hunting. These Multi-tools offer a special combination of tools for their intended use.

This means, if you’re a craftsman, you have your plier, screw-diver, scissors, wire-stripper, saw, blades, magnifying glass etc. in one place. If you’re a hunter, the next time you go for hunt you can carry all your blades and knives together, so none of them gets lost when you need it most.

Take a look at Optik Planet’s range of Multi-tools that are designed for a range of outdoor sports and other activities.


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