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After a long day of backpacking, hiking, camping, long distance travelling in your car, or any other outdoor activity, all you need is a comfortable nights’ sleep to recharge yourself for the next day. However, obtaining a peaceful, comfortable night’s sleep in the outdoors, far out of the comforts of your bed, can be quite a challenge, especially when you don’t have a proper Sleeping Bag to relax in.

That’s why Optik Planet, the outdoor adventure expert, has lined up a range of super comfortable, high-performing, highly durable sleeping bags to accompany with you on your next trip.

We have Sleeping Bags that are designed for a range of temperature ratings since everybody has a different temperature when they sleep. They come in a variety of shapes, from snug and warmer mummy bags to rectangular and barrel ones that allow for enough wiggle room, and sizes from lofty to light weight ones that can be attached to your rucksack for long periods of time and in a variety of insulation materials, from down insulation that is compressible enough for backpacking to high performing synthetic insulation.

So take a look at Optik Planet’s selection of Sleeping Bags and choose one for you.


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