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Once you hit the outdoors, there’s nothing like a comfortable, roomy tent that you can call home over the next few days that you’re out. It does so much for you- shelters from the storm, offers a bit of privacy from other campers, and a refuge from ill-mannered insects.

Like most backcountry equipment, tents have become increasingly specialized. Searching for just the right tent, that is suited for where and when you camp, and also how you camp, can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you’re looking for, and if you get it wrong you may be in for a long night. Do you need a three- or four-season tent? Should you go with a traditional double-wall tent or an ultra-light single-wall tent? Would a family tent work well for your trip and how many people will comfortably accommodate in it?

Shelter forms a substantial part of a backpack weight, so you might want a lightweight tent for backpacking. But if you plan to go camping with family, a spacious camping tent might be right for you.

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