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Are you planning to hike, camp and hunt or dive and fish, or you’re heading for a sport or a special mission? What’s on your outdoor packing checklist? Camping and hiking gear, a backpack, sleeping bag, a compass or GPS, headlamp, footwear, tents, emergency and survival kit, Night Vision binoculars, flashlight, solar charger, fishing equipment, knives and multipurpose tools.

At Optik Planet, we have it all from the best in the world brands. This means you can choose gear from Granite Gear, Hazard 4 California, UST brands, Avex, specialty knives from Gerber and SOG, compasses & GPS outdoor sport watches from Momentum, Reactor and Dakota, besides Telescopes from Celestron, Binoculars from Steiner, Night vision binoculars and riflescopes from ATN and Yukon, Flashlights from Olight, Nitecore and Power Flare and emergency preparedness survival kits from UST brands as well as outdoor eyewear from Ray Ban, Wiley X and Oakley.

So an exciting outdoor trip, check out all of these and even more outdoor gear at Optik Planet. Also study our detailed guides that will help you through the installation up to the ultimate use of our products. And if in case you need any technical information regarding our products, our well-trained customer service is always there to help.


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