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There are times when small details matter a lot and sometimes it’s the precision to the finest degree that makes all the difference. It can be a hobby like collecting coins or stamps, or arts and crafts like photography, geology, gemology and jewelry making, tattooing or watch making, or a technical profession like dentistry, surgery, and electronics, wherever extreme precision is required, a magnifier or loupe can come handy.

For a quick overall examination, a hand held magnifier with up to 6x magnification will do. But when extra details are sought then you need a higher magnification, such as that of a loupe.

Advanced technology in these instruments has crafted highly specialized products that are designed to meet the needs of each set of ultimate users. Jewelers’ loupes come with triple lens and built-in bright LED and UV lights, while those for surgeons and dentists can be mounted on spectacles for a hands-free use with adjustable magnifications and angles.

Some can be folded and hung on key chains and others come fixed to adjustable head bands or as illuminated flexible stands. There are multiple options based on the users’ unique requirement. Check out Optik Planet for a detailed list of high quality Magnifiers and Loupes available.


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