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When you hit the wilderness, knowing exactly where you are and which way to go is crucial. Navigation ranks as one of the top survival priorities. There are a variety of ways to establish your orientation to the cardinal directions, but most require using the sun or a clear night sky, which are not always available. Compass is an invaluable tool that takes the guesswork out of the navigation equation.

Modern compasses are highly versatile devices that come with a host of features and functionality to match the user’s needs. Some pair up additional gadgets such as thermometer, sighting mirror, slope indicator, magnifier, etc. for specific additional functionality to the intended user while others allow versatility in the way they can be carried, some can be held in hand or fixed over belts, backpacks or key chains via carabiners or clips, while others can be folded and kept in packets.

A device as simple as a compass can keep you on track in all situations- It works in rain or shine, light or dark and no batteries. So check out Optik Planet’s range of Compasses and explore the multiple features they offer to find the right one for you.


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