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It’s awesome how digital technology is shaping our lives. But in terms of photography what once only a professional photographer could produce, comes as an art from an ordinary man walking down the street. Here’s a recount on what you can do with a digital camera that wasn’t once imaginable with a non-digital camera:

You find something interesting, instantly capture the moment because it’s all auto, auto-focus, auto-light adjustment, auto-face detection and zoom in and out. Don’t worry about 36, produce infinite razor-sharp, life-like pictures that are no less than a piece of art. Plus there is no wait and see, instantly review what you’ve captured. Not happy? Delete and take more. Still, edit them (crop, resize, recolor, or use a template). Sync the camera with other electronic devices and share the pictures in endless ways. Want to capture the entire event, record it.

Digital photographic technology has grown leaps and bounds. Endless features have been introduced so far and a lot more are yet to come, but the pictures are getting sharper, clearer, modifiable and instantly communicable, and cameras are becoming increasingly handy, quick, small, smart, cheap and friendly with other devices.

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