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So you’re a golfer, and you love golf. Forget about the yardage markers- instead, invest in a Golf Range Finder- it’s worth it. With the accurate knowledge of where and how far you are from the green or a hazard, you would be in a better position to decide which club to use and how hard to hit it so you end up on the green rather than in the front bunker.

A laser golf range finder reads line-of-sight distances, you can use one to scan a course or focus on a flagstick. It also adjusts the distance for the degree of slope and the advanced ones even factor in the altitude and air temperature to suggest what club you should hit. A GPS golf range finder is yet another technology for accurately estimating the distance, the slope and the target.

Both the laser and GPS golf range finders have their own advantages. So visit Optik Planet to pick from for a wide range of quality Golf Range Finders.


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