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When you’re far out in the wild, knowledge of where exactly you are standing, where you’re heading and which way to go forward is crucial in locating and reaching your destination or making out your way back home, else you’re lost.

You can get some idea of this by manually tracing the path of the sun or a clear night sky, which are not always available and this method requires a great deal of experience in observation and calculation. So a better way to obtain a precise calculation of your orientation to the cardinal directions is through a GPS or any other navigation device that you can carry with you.

GPS offers a detailed, accurate, fast and hassle-free calculation of the direction. However, if you plan to travel very far into the wilderness or where GPS signals might be weak and you might run out of batteries, then a compass and map or any other navigation device may come handy in offering a more reliable solution for tracking your path.

Optik Planet offers a range of GPS & Navigation Devices so when you go for your next hike, you can conveniently and accurately track your orientation and plan ahead.


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