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A knife can prove be the most loyal friend in situations where one is standing in the face of danger. If you’re on a military mission, battling the enemy or on a hunt, conquering a deadly creature, holding a sharp knife in hand can at times make all the diffe footwearrence.

At Optik Planet we have a range of Knives that are designed especially for tactical, outdoor, industrial as well as hunting purposes to simplify the jobs of military/ law enforcers, hikers, workers and hunters. The tactical knives offer ingenious designs, toughest materials, and sharpest blades, while hunting knives feature long-lasting blades, tactile handles and all-weather sheaths to make sure they remain evenly balanced and tough. While the lightweight, indestructible industrial knives are designed for all-day efficiency and durability.

So whether it is about protecting others or leading an epic hunting expedition, facing the nature’s most extreme conditions or leading a crew on a worksite yet, Optik Planet has the right kind of Knives for professionals as well as everyday users. So check out our list of Knives.


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