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If your weapon has those traditional iron sights mounted on it, it can be quite difficult to align the two sights and then the target also with them, bringing all three on one plane, especially when your eyesight is also weak.

One solution is to use a red dot scope that produces the red aiming dot of a red dot sight and at the same time magnifies the target with a lens.

An LED at its off axis focus gives off a red light that gets reflected from a tilted collimating mirror in the reticle, while the image gets magnified through the lens. So all you see through the reticle is an enlarged image with a red illuminated dot right at the place which is going to be aimed and it stays aligned regardless of your eye position. The size of the dot is variable depending on the shooter’s particular requirement.

These easy to use Red Dot Scopes are indispensable for recreational shooting sports as well as military purposes, which is why we at Optik Planet have brought a wide range of Red Dot Scopes to choose from.


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