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A good rifle scope is a valuable companion of your weapon. Not only is it much easier to align the reticle cross hairs with the target as opposed to aligning two iron sights and then also the target, it even magnifies the target so you can aim for it more accurately.

Not only this, with clear, sharp glass that offers unsurpassed light transmission and optical clarity, adjustable zoom levels that allow for targeting over a wide range and bigger lenses that capture more light, you get a bigger, clearer picture.

It is especially essential for long distance shooting when visibility can be poor, the terrain may be different and the target may be at a different elevation, the bullet will drop as it goes, the wind will push it away, etc. A good riflescope that comes with dot-calibrated crosshairs allows for precise adjustments in the weapon hold to account for each of these factors, so the bullet lands exactly where it is intended for.

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