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Hazard 4
Hazard 4 Bottle Holster (ghost Ring)
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It's the simple things that are usually the most ingenious. Why carry a canteen, rubbery tasting bladder, or a leaky squirt bottle, when all are bulky and hard to keep clean? Bring a fresh bottle each time and enjoy the cleaner taste, then simply recycle it. Snap Ghost Ring's metal clip onto the neck of a common plastic drink bottle, clip it to a belt loop, or bag strap and you've got an instant canteen. Unclip the sidepush buckle - the clip side stays on the bottle while you drink (swivel-hook side stays hooked on you). Perfect to clip on a climbing harness or day pack, it is superior to similar products using a rubber ring to hold the bottle, as the ring typically breaks within a few days, becoming useless. Our steel snap is indestructible.

  • Hazard4 Bottle Holster - Ghost Ring

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