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Hazard 4
Hazard 4 Combatseal Fleece Lycra Rashguard
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Hazard4 exclusive modular-i.d. version of the surf/sports-field classic "rash guard" shirt. Featuring Velcro panels on the arms and chest for unit patches, i.d.'s, name-tapes, morale patches, glint tape. It can be customized like no rash guard before.

It features:

  • Velcro panels on arms for modular patches - this saves money; swap patches as shirts get washed
  • Velcro panels on chest for name tape & larger patches _ our Lycra is highly UV-cut rated to prevent sun burn
  • greatly reduces chafing from equipment/environment
  • front hem loop (tie into swim trunk string to prevent rising)
  • elastic loop at the thumbs to keep the sleeves from rising up
  • stealthy, unobtrusive Hazard 4 logo for uniform use
  • total blind-stitching for flat seams and no chafing

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